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About Me:

My name is Hugo Kerr. I was born in Trinidad in 1945. My wife, Henriette, is Danish, born in East Africa. We have two children and one granddaughter. We live in rural north Wales in the UK.

My qualifications, in chronological order, are as follows: BVetMed, Cert Ed (FE), BA, MEd.

I have earned my living as a veterinarian since 1969. Alongside, I have been actively involved in adult literacy for about 25 years. This subject has fascinated me ever since, causing me to take a teacher’s certificate and two additional degrees and do much reading and thinking about it. My general conclusion is that there is an answer to everything – we just don’t always have it yet.

I love to debate with like minds of like enthusiasms. It has been my experience that great fruitfulness often results. Sometimes heat is generated, but so is light. If you want to discuss literacy with me you are very welcome to write to me via

I have spoken to RaPAL national conferences on consciousness and literacy teaching and on developmental dyslexia. I have delivered workshops on the latter subject across Britain. Contact me on:

Hugo Kerr

My most relevant publications are as follows:

Kerr, Hugo 2001 Dyslexia and adult literacy: Does dyslexia disempower? in: Crowther, Jim, Hamilton, Mary & Tett, Lyn (2001) Powerful Literacies. Leicester. NIACE.

Kerr, Hugo 2001 Learned helplessness and dyslexia: A carts and horses issue? Reading, Literacy & Language 35:2 82-85.

Kerr, Hugo 2003 Consciousness & the teaching of literacy: A teacher’s preliminary thoughts. RaPAL Journal 52 20-23.

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